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Is There A Plan To Fight Inflation?

Now that Republicans will be taking over the House of Representatives in January, I’ve been waiting to hear about their plans to tackle inflation. They ran on the promise of lowering prices for all Americans; it was in many, if not most, of their TV ads and a big part of their campaign speeches.

So, what is their grand plan to reduce inflation? Are they planning to take on corporations who are making record profits with their price hikes? Reduce taxes on hard-working low- and middle-income Americans?

Not at all. Their grand plan to help Americans is, apparently, to hold investigations of President Biden’s son. House Republicans are promising lots and lots of investigations of a private citizen.

Gosh, that oughta show those corporations!

The fact is that, before they even take control, House Republicans are already going back on their promises to actually lead and govern. Instead, they are planning on a series of petty “investigations” for which we taxpayers are footing the bill.

No help for the American people and our budgets, just a bunch of hearings so they can generate sound bites to get on television.

I have to wonder if this is what Republican voters really want out of their Congress.

Janet Genova


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1 Comment

Harry Booth
Harry Booth
Dec 05, 2022

Great letter and the writer is correct. Republicans have made no mention of any plans to fix inflation, our boarders, the war in Ukraine, scotus, or anything else. All they are doing is instituting more witch hunts of their own.

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