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Webster continues to indulge in Political Theatre

Daniel Webster recently issued the following press release: "This week, I joined Darrell Issa and 21 of my colleagues to introduce H. Res. 735, the Stand with Parents Act. This resolution specifically reaffirms parents' vital voice in education, health care, and other decisions that impact their children's lives. I have fought to empower parents and will continue to strongly support every parent's right to determine the best educational curriculum and path to ensure their family and child's success." Webster represents Citrus County in Congress. Unfortunately, this resolution is fraught with all kinds of

problems. While it sounds great that parents will be involved with their kids' education, what does this really mean?

Do I, as a parent, have the right to determine the best educational curriculum for my child, as suggested by Webster? Can I tell the school I want my kids to learn that the earth is flat? That evolution is wrong? That the Earth is only 66,000 years old and humans hunted dinosaurs? These concepts are false, but there are groups of people who believe they are true.

Perhaps Congressman Webster should leave education to the educators and spend his time in Congress negotiating with the Democrats on an infrastructure bill to fix the 400 crumbling bridges and thousands of unsafe Florida roads.

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