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Whether you are new to Citrus County, a currently registered Democrat or a newly registered Democrat, the Citrus County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) welcomes you! In order to ensure we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people, it is important all residents actively participate in the political process. The Citrus County Democratic Party is an all-volunteer organization.

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The Citrus County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is part of the Florida Democratic Party and the official governing body of the Democratic Party in our county.


Volunteer With Citrus DEC

The Citrus DEC has a number of exciting volunteer opportunities ranging from canvassing to general office work.  Complete the form below and our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you shortly.

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Major Initiatives


Voter Registration

We work to ensure members of our community are registered to vote through voter registration drives.

Candidate Identification & Support

We work to identify candidates for local office and provide logistical and finanical support.

Politician with Supporters


Climate, environmental and social justice issues are key areas of our voter education outreach programs.


Our team runs a best-in-class Voter Protection program in coordination with FDP to ensure every citizen is able to cast a ballot.


Upcoming Events

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