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Our values encompass the national Democratic Party platform  which is updated every four years at the Democratic National Convention with a specific emphasis on local environmental and social justice issues.

The Environment

The Nature Coast depends upon the environment for much of its economic prosperity.  Our beautiful coastal and upland areas sustain a wide variety of flora and fauna that make Citrus County not only a popular tourist destination but also a favorite of snowbirds each year.

Working with local and state leaders to ensure the continued protection of these areas and their sustainability for fishing and other industries is one of our key foci.

Social Justice

From a political perspective, this begins with ensuring all of our citizens can exercise their right to vote in a safe manner.  Working with our local community to educate  returning citizens about their rights is an important part of this initiative,  We champion policies and legislation that fight discrimination and level the playing field and work closely with the local chapters of our Black and LGBTQ+ caucuses. 


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