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ACTION ALERT: Changes SB 90 Vote by Mail Ballots

Our legislators are trying to take away our vote!

A proposed committee substitute (PCS) was made to SB 90 Vote by Mail Ballots by the Governmental Oversight & Accountability Committee prior to its hearing today at 10:30 am ET (which you can watch on the Florida Channel.)

In addition to the proposed shortening of the time period for which a VBM request is valid (i.e., one election cycle that covers through the end of the calendar year of the next regularly scheduled general election), the bill also now:

  • Requires an additional identifier number when making a written or telephonic request for a VBM ballot, which includes one of the following a) driver's license number, b) Florida ID number; or c) the last four digits of the elector's SSN (NOTE: not the entire SSN).

  • Bans all use of secure drop boxes for ballot returns; and

  • Limits persons who can pick up a VBM ballot and return a VBM ballot to the voter and his/her immediate family.

    • Fun fact: it was reported today that Florida's most famous orange citizen would probably no longer be able to use his favorite method of voting due to this change. He always has people other than his immediate family pick up/deliver his VBM ballot.

I urge you to contact the Senators on the Governmental Oversight & Accountability Committee this morning before 10 am ET to protest this voter suppression bill. Light up their phones. Leave voicemails. Let them know how you feel. Chair: Senator Ray Wesley Rodrigues (R) 487-5027

Vice Chair: Senator Joe Gruters (R) 487-5023

Senator Debbie Mayfield (R) 487-5017

Senator Kelli Stargel (R) 487-5022

Senator Linda Stewart (D) 487-5013

Senator Victor M. Torres, Jr. (D) 487-5015 And if this bill passes out of committee today due to the Republican odds, immediately begin contacting the Rules Committee Chair, Sen. Kathleen Passidomo, and lean heavily on her to prevent a hearing. (850) 487-5028 Finally, it wouldn't hurt to begin contacting your own Senator at this point to pave the way prior to a potential floor vote.


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1 Comment

Bill Cohen
Bill Cohen
Mar 19, 2021

Republicans want to limit the vote, so they can stay in office. They have no problem ruling our country as a minority party (with the help of the filibuster) while denying minorities the right to vote.

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