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Bonnie Fleck Candidate for Crystal River City Council

From Bonnie Fleck:

      I’ve never aspired to public office.  Even now, I don’t Want to run… I Have to run. 

      I’ve always been involved with social issues.  My siblings and I were raised, by example, to take action.  Until now I’ve been able to quell my “I should be” guilt with lots of letters (old fashioned, not texts) and an occasional sign waving.  Seeing the destruction of nature in Crystal River changed my mindset.  Yes, people are speaking up but they’re being dismissed by the current council.  I see that when I attend and offer my comments.


       I plan to use my seat to hold them publicly accountable.  To force them to state why they’re making the decisions they are.  And, to do all I can to save our nature.  It only takes one person who isn’t in the clique to lead the way.

Candidate for Crystal River City Council

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