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DeSantis is not good for Florida

The other day the Chronicle had a Letter to the Editor praising DeSantis for keeping Florida "open." The author claims that DeSantis' "keep Florida open" policies are the reason for Florida's low unemployment and high job growth.

The letter also implies that Florida's population rise is due to our "relaxed policies on our freedoms." Let me offer some alternative thoughts on these issues.

I know why my wife and I moved to Florida, the weather and no income taxes, but I wondered if we were the exception. So, I went online and googled, "Why do people move to Florida." Google has hundreds of websites that talk about why people move to Florida, and what is most striking is that "our relaxed policies" are not mentioned anywhere. People come to Florida for several reasons, primarily our weather and taxes. Then, of course, you can throw in our nature, beaches, and recreation opportunities, but DeSantis is not mentioned once as a reason why folks move here.

The author mentions significant unemployment and job creation statistics, and she is correct. Florida has a low unemployment rate. According to US News, Florida ranks 20th in unemployment and 8th in job growth among the States. Job growth in Florida is high, but Florida is just one of many states with healthy job growth.

But in his quest to kill WOKE, DeSantis has forgotten other areas: Under DeSantis' leadership, 87,000 people die of COVID, many because of his obscene COVID policies. This aligns with a Scientific America study that says, "People in Republican Counties Have Higher Death Rates Than Those in Democratic Counties."

Florida ranks 25th among the states in healthcare and 36th in Economic Opportunity. We are 31st in Affordability and 27th in Public Safety. What is more depressing is that our rank for Equality (18th in the nation) is dropping because of DeSantis' mean-spirited education policies.

Florida has a robust economy, but it may not stay robust if DeSantis continues to upset companies like Disney.

He is reshaping our educational system (Ranked #3) but not for the better. DeSantis has destroyed the relationship between Florida and the College Board, denying our kids advanced college placement.

He is destroying our trust in the federal healthcare system by appointing a State Surgeon General who doesn't support vaccine mandates, using masks, and other CDC protocols.

His policies are not good for Florida.

Thomas Mitchell


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