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Take the Plank Out of Your Eye, First

I read the column in Thursday's paper about how it is somehow the Dems' fault that there is no Speaker of the House. After I stopped laughing, I realized my tears were not because it is funny, but rather I am crying for our Constitution and our country.

The energy spent blaming Democrats and Biden or just the "other" (and I mean people who are brown or black or gay or women or any other other) for just about everything in the world is more than a waste of time and energy. It is hypocrisy. For those constantly citing Christianity as the foundation for their judgmental actions, take a lesson from your own parable — take the plank out of your own eye before you remove a speck from someone else. Or maybe just clean your room before you come downstairs and criticize the living room.

The GOP did this to themselves. They should be looking in their own house before blaming the Dems for their predicament. And while they are at it, they should approve our military leadership.

Carol Cohen


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