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Women Are Watching DeSantis and Taking Notes

When the governor of your state takes it upon himself to call a duly elected state attorney a “pathogen” one must ask, who really is the disease? We already know the governor has spread his vitriol throughout Florida.

State Attorney Monique Worrell of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, who was duly elected with a substantial 66% of the vote, was removed because she believes in criminal justice reform, she has helped lower crime rates.

She is being punished for refusing to jail women who exercise their God-given right to choose. She is being used to bolster the governor’s failure to maintain his fascist views nationally due to weakening national support. But women in Florida and nationally are letting politicians and candidates know, we are not taking the abuse anymore. We are in fact taking notes.

The Democratic Women of Florida support our sister, the Honorable Monique Worrell. We ask all women to join us to take back our rights, provide our children a good education, restore Florida to the tropical paradise it once was and freedom to all residents.

Meri Forte-Namuj


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