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Action Alert: OPPOSE SB 1890 Campaign Financing - URGENT, ACT NOW - Vote is on Monday

We are in the last few days of the 2021 Florida Legislative Session, but that isn't stopping the Republicans who continue their quest to thwart the rights of Florida voters right down to the last minute.

SB 1890 Campaign Financing will kneecap our ability to amend the state constitution by making it almost impossible to fund-raise the millions of dollars needed to organize, collect signatures, and implement statewide winning campaigns. This bill has already passed the Senate. Monday it will be voted on in the House.

The Legislature has already made it very difficult to be successful in getting citizen initiatives on the ballot, but now they want to suffocate our efforts by capping early fundraising contributions at $3000. You see, the Republican Legislature really hates these initiatives because they are citizen-led, tend to be progressive, and are supported by a majority of the voters (e.g., restoration of felon voter rights, increase in minimum wage, approval of medical cannabis, and others). PLEASE contact your individual House Representatives before Monday and urge them to VOTE NO on SB 1890 Campaign Financing.

Our Citrus Representative is:

Ralph Massullo, Jr (R) (850) 717-5034

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