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Action Alert: OPPOSE SB 410 Materials Harmful to Minors

Deadline - by tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30, at 9:00am.

We need you to urgently OPPOSE a bill -- SB 410 Materials Harmful to Minors

A bill equating sexuality education with pornography that creates new barriers for Florida students to receive this critical educational guidance is moving in the Florida Senate. Providing young people with the information they need to make responsible decisions about their sexual health is critical to reducing unintended teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Contact key members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee today to urge their opposition to Senate Bill 410 on their agenda tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30, at 9:00am. Tell them "SB 410 would create an additional barrier to sex-ed and would likely lead to fewer young people in Florida receiving the sex education they need at a critical point in their lives." Leaving a voicemail is okay!

FL Senate Criminial Justice Comm Contact
Download • 33KB

And/or send them an email asking them to stop this bill. We want our young people to benefit from what sex education promotes: healthy, responsible and mutually protective relationships that have been proven to help young people avoid unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease. But SB 410 creates an additional barrier to young people getting the sex education they need. It would require students to get written permission from their parents before accessing any lessons on sexual health (parents already can opt out). Passing this legislation would decrease the number of young people in Florida able to receive sex ed at a critical point in their lives. Contact these members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee today. Urge them to prevent stigmatizing and limiting sex ed and to not agenda SB 410. Instead of SB 410, the legislature should support policies that reduce unintended teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections: providing sexual health information that is comprehensive, medically accurate and age-appropriate and that young people need to make responsible decisions.

Take a moment for Florida’s young people: urge these select Senators to oppose Senate Bill 410.


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