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ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE SB 856 & SB 1128 Preemption on Energy Infrastructure & Utility Services

There are two State Preemption bills with significant negative environmental ramifications coming in front of the Senate Regulated Industries Committee on **Tuesday morning, March 9.**

We need you to OPPOSE them. They are SB 856 (Hutson) State Preemption of Energy Infrastructure Regulations and SB 1128 (Hutson) Preemption on Restriction of Utility Services. Both of these bills want to turn all decision-making over to the State and prohibit local governments from passing policies that would move their communities closer to clean energy solutions. Furthermore, both bills would be retroactive and void any local governmental law, ordinance, regulation, policy, or resolution that existed before the new laws take effect on July 1, 2021.

Here are some additional talking points regarding SB 856 State Preemption of Energy Infrastructure Regulations:

  • The bill prohibits local governments from passing any law, ordinance, regulation, policy, or resolution that prohibits, restricts, or requires the construction, expansion, upgrading, or repair of energy infrastructure.

  • The bill defines "energy infrastructure" as any infrastructure used to support the production, import, storage, and distribution of natural gas; petroleum; petroleum products; electricity; biomass; renewable fuels; hydrogen; or solar, wind, or geothermal energy.

  • The bill would completely preempt decisions to the state regarding the regulation of constructing energy infrastructure, including drilling oil wells, solar panels, the location of gas stations, and more.

Here are some talking points regarding SB 1128 Preemption on Restriction of Utility Services:

  • This bill would take away local governments' rights to decide how our homes and businesses are powered by prohibiting them from restricting utility service from any seller (e.g., gas services).

  • This bill is part of a nation-wide assault on state legislatures by the coal and gas industry to solidify its control.

Please notify the following Senators in the Regulated Industries Committee before Tuesday and urge them to vote NO on these two bills: Chair: Senator Travis Hutson (R) 487-5007

Vice Chair: Senator Lauren Book (D) 487-5032

Senator Ben Albritton (R) 487-5026

Senator Joe Gruters (R) 487-5023

Senator Ed Hooper (R) 487-5016

Senator Kathleen Passidomo (R) 487-5028

Senator Ray Wesley Rodrigues (R) 487-5027

Senator Darryl Ervin Rouson (D) 487-5019

Senator Linda Stewart (D) 487-5013


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