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ACTION ALERT - SB 78 Dues & Uniform Assessments

ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE SB 78 Dues & Uniform Assessments--3rd & Final Senate Committee Hearing,

**This Anti-Union Bill continues to move in the Senate**

Deadline to act, before Thursday Feb. 18 at 9am EST.

The anti-union bill SB 78 (Rodrigues) Dues and Uniform Assessments continues to move in the Florida Senate. It is strongly opposed by public union employees because it is unnecessary and inserts employers into their decision-making process regarding union dues deductions from paychecks.

We urged you to oppose this bill several weeks ago when it was heard in the Judiciary Committee, but now it is being heard in its final Senate committee next week. So we need you to make your voices heard to a whole new subset of Senators.

Message us for further details & how to take action.

Please contact the following Senators on the Rules Committee prior to Thursday and tell them you OPPOSE this bill. (I removed those Rules members who we contacted several weeks ago in the Judiciary Committee).

Chair: Senator Kathleen Passidomo (R) (850) 487-5028

Vice Chair: Senator Ileana Garcia (R) (850) 487-5037

Senator Ben Albritton (R) (850) 487-5026

Senator Aaron Bean (R) (850) 487-5004

Senator Lauren Book (D) (850) 487-5032

Senator Randolph Bracy (D) (850) 487-5011

Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. (R) (850) 487-5036

Senator Gary M. Farmer, Jr. (D) (850) 487-5034

Senator Joe Gruters (R) (850) 487-5023

Senator Travis Hutson (R) (850) 487-5007

Senator Bobby Powell (D) (850) 487-5030

Senator Kelli Stargel (R) (850) 487-5022

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