The Supreme Court Got It Wrong!

The United States Supreme Court erred several times in recent rulings.

Despite a forewarning in May that it was likely to overturn Constitutional protections for women's health, SCOTUS turned its majority voting bloc into a deadly missile aimed at every single person in our country.

If you think straight-up bias and political agendas were not in play last week, I beg to differ with you.

Human rights include bodily autonomy. By upending a 50-year precedent successfully argued by the late Texas Attorney Sarah Weddington (then 26 years old, too) a Court majority launched a vindictive dagger into female reproductive health care personal considerations. Roe has saved lives, not killed "babies.” I can tell you what seeking an abortion in 1971 felt like at 17 years of age. But why go there?

Those of you --- especially ones who cannot carry anything for nine months, much less a child to term --- believe you won. This decades-long battle staged for fetal recognition as a "legal human person" with rights greater than the female vessel carrying same, has no winner, nor is it over.

I am not chattel, and I am fighting back. If you have ears to hear my story, listen to millions of others. We have all been there.

Linda Sue Varonich

Citrus Hills

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