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Become a Precinct Committee Person

Why Become a Precinct Committee Person?

As a PCP you will play a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of our community. You can be eligible to run for a DEC Officer position and/or vote at the our quadrienniel reorganizational meeting.

Note: If you are currently a PCP you must file with your local Supervisor of Elections to continue for 4 more years.

What is a Precinct?

A precinct is the smallest political geographical unit maintained by the county for voting purposes. Think of a precinct as your general neighborhood.

What are the responsibilities or duties of a PCP?

✅Commit to volunteer at a few hours a month.

✅For example: attend DEC Meetings, Club or Caucus Meetings, canvassing or other events!

✅Build a relationship with Democratic, Independent, and No Party Affiliation (NPA) voters in your precinct.

✅Register voters and sign voters up for Vote-By-Mail (VBM) and explain to them how easy it is to vote by going door to door or at locations in the community.

✅Build a team of volunteers to help with contacting voters in the precinct.

You can do this by canvassing your precinct or communicating by phone, text and email with voters in your precinct.

We'll have forms and a notary on hand at our June 1st meeting to help you with the process.

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