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Candidate Not a Good Fit for Inverness

John Labriola says that low-income housing brings in Democrats, and Democrats bring higher crime rates and “moral degradation.” He has “significant concerns about affordable housing open to all individuals and families.”

Well, now we know that Labriola is not only homophobic, but also racist. Low-Income housing is code for poor brown and black people. In his warped mind, black and brown people bring crime, lower property values and – gasp – Democrats.

Labriola says he is against “overdevelopment.” In my mind, that’s code for build your low-income housing, just not in my back yard (Nimby). According to Labriola, black and brown people must find another place to take their democratic, unchristian values. He doesn’t want Democratic policies and Democratic demographics in Citrus County.

Labriola is not a good fit for Citrus County. His values are not ours. Inverness voters should defeat him with such a significant vote that he will understand the hate he propagates is not welcome here.

We live in the United States, where we are all welcome and created in God’s image.

Thomas Mitchell


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