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Congressional District 11 Deserves Better Representation

We recently received a slick, four-page Legislative Update to Constituents from our House Representative Daniel Webster. In his propaganda piece, Webster gives the impression he is actively working on our behalf, getting essential bills passed, and is a leader in this Congress. But, unfortunately, the truth is far different.

Webster says he co-sponsored several pieces of legislation, giving the impression he took a leadership role in getting these bills passed. A Representative who introduces a bill or resolution in the House is called its SPONSOR. This person believes a bill is needed, has the Congressional staff or an interest group write it, presents it to the

Congress, and fights to get it passed. He is a leader.

A CO-SPONSOR is a congressperson who agrees with the bill and adds his name to it. A long list of co-sponsors tells how popular the bill is and may help to get it passed. A co-sponsor only adds his name to the bill and needs not to do anymore. He is a follower. That is Webster.

In his Update, Webster didn't note any bill he SPONSORED. Webster introduced no bills to get grant money for Citrus County sewage projects, no bills to assist us in cleaning up our Gulf bays, no bills to help repair our roads and infrastructure.

It would be great, for once, to read how he sponsored a bill to reduce drug costs for seniors. It would be great if he supported free preschool for our kids which would benefit thousands of parents. And, it would be great if he found a way to help our Congressional District to become more "green" in this age of climate change. But unfortunately, Webster is a do-nothing Congressman; a follower, who won't even meet with his constituents in town hall meetings. We deserve better.

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