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Disinformation, Propaganda Threats to Democracy

I am writing in response to the “Other Voices” column on Saturday, Sept. 3, by Noah Wall. The writer is an officer of FreedomWorks, a partisan political organization in the Washington, D.C., area.

I take offense at the blatant lies, extremist propaganda and disinformation stated in only the first paragraph. Children are not being indoctrinated in public schools. This is not true and this narrative of fear continues from extremists without evidence.

No school board members are being ousted here in Citrus County. School board members in Florida are elected by the voters of the county in a nonpartisan race and serve four-year terms.

The Florida Teacher’s Union, Florida Education Association, is the state’s largest association of professional employees and the largest labor union in the Southeast, with more than 150,000 members. Their mission begins with advocating for the right to a free, quality public education for all.

They do not have any input into the curriculum for Florida schools. The state of Florida sets curriculum and standards for educators in the classroom through the Florida Department of Education.

Media literacy is important in this digital age. The media message should not be taken at face value. This means thinking critically about how the message is made, whose interest does it serve and what is the true meaning.

It is important to know that our democracy is threatened by disinformation and propaganda.

Deborah Daniels


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