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Don't Allow Hate Group to Infiltrate County

The Chronicle reported on an Inverness council candidate who is opposed to bringing affordable housing into Citrus County because "it will attract Democrats and with it crime and moral degradation."

As members of the hate group he represents, MassResistance, are also white nationalists. It may be that Democrats is the code word he used for people of color. However, they could actually hate Democrats also as hate seems to be what they do best. They have spent years actively showing their hatred to the LGBTQ community by trying to take away their rights.

This should be another red flag warning about MassResistance, which has been attempting to bring its hatred and bigotry into our county. They are an extremist conservative group that is actively working to place themselves on library boards, school boards and any government council that has decision making powers in order to take away citizen's existing rights that are in opposition to their own ultra-conservative biases.

These ideas are dangerous and we should be deeply concerned about representatives of a power-hungry hate group having decision-making power.

Nancy Tomaselli


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