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Elections Should Have Consequences

Governor DeSantis wants to be re-elected. But, can we hold him responsible for the deaths of perhaps 60,000 Floridians with his lack of concern for health, life, and safety orders? He has hampered a robust economic rebound from COVID. His orders keep many Floridians at home, afraid to work, socialize and take their children to school or daycare (if they can afford it). He also keeps COVID numbers a secret and appoints an embarrassingly anti-science man as Surgeon General. He uses taxpayer dollars to sue everyone from school boards (duly elected by locals) to cruise liners for not succumbing to his authoritarian whims. We need someone who will govern and focus more on issues like Red Tide, transportation, health care for more Floridians, eldercare, broader educational opportunities for our youth, and more local control. Stop the lawsuits against law-abiding citizens and businesses.

Marco Rubio wants to return as our Federal Senator, and Daniel Webster wants to return as our Congressional House Representative. But neither of them has voted FOR federal legislative proposals that would help bring funds to Florida for health, life, safety, education, and our economy. Webster has the weakest record of all the members of the House of Representatives in proposing legislation. He discourages town hall meetings with constituents. Marco Rubio voted against funding for climate impacts on our coastlines, healthcare for Floridians, and educational funding for technology in our schools. By opposing the current “Human Infrastructure Bill,” he rejects eldercare proposals, expanding Medicare to cover dental care and eye exams, affordable tuition for our young to attend community college, and more. They both vote against everything that helps Floridians, but they will take credit for bringing federal monies to our county and state.

Then there are our State Senator Simpson and Representative Massulo. Simpson, a wealthy farmer, wants to be the Secretary of Agriculture. Don’t we all know what happens when personal agendas get enriched by political positions? His candidacy is a bad idea for this job. Besides, he, like Massulo, who is vying for Simpson’s open Senate seat, thinks It is an excellent idea for DeSantis to dictate a special session that will cost taxpayers a million dollars to discuss the issue of infecting more Floridians. Of course, Massulo, a wealthy skin doctor, makes his patients wear masks if they come to his office. Never mind the hypocrisy. It runs deep in their ideology.

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