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Electric Cars - Questions Answered

“Question: Electric vehicles – where does the power come from?”

You need fossil fuels to run power plants to generate the needed electricity. Also, what does it cost to generate the electricity to fuel one car and what does it compare to gasoline? It appears this question has never been asked.

First, this is a common question when comparing electric cars to gas driven cars. The comparison is based on kilowatt hours (KWH). Duke Energy currently charges 13.68 cents per KWH. To generate electricity, Duke states it uses fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil, as well as nuclear and renewable energy sources including water, wind, solar and biomass.

Electric cars average 4 miles per KWH. Thus, it costs 3.4 cents per mile. Gas driven cars average 25 MPG. A gallon of regular gas costs roughly $4.50 per gallon. Thus, it costs 18 cents per mile. 3.4 cents for electric vs. 18 cents for gas driven.

Gas driven cars are 5.3 times more expensive per mile to drive than electric.

I hope that answers your question.

Ronald Berg


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