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Five County Commissioners Show Leadership Over LAB Reappointments

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the five board members who voted to reappoint the Library Advisory Board members. Your vote showed courage and great leadership against the vocal minority who have been espousing their hatred and bigotry toward the LGBTQ community for too long.

Having adult family members and friends who are gay, I know they would have loved to have had a place they could have gone to and read a book that helped them understand why they felt “different” as a child. Watching Andy Griffith will not change a child, but books in a Pride display can at least make a child understand their feelings are normal and accepted.

No one chooses to be gay. It is not an option, but something gay people are born with. It is not their fault and they should not be treated like lepers because of it.

To think that the Library Guy has caused this much hate in this community is mind-boggling to me. He moved here one year ago from Miami-Dade County after being suspended and eventually let go from employment with the County because of his hatred and bigotry. He has not volunteered any of his time to the many charitable causes in Citrus County. He has accomplished getting Citrus County published in a national hate group newsletter. He cites his conservative Christian values. I would respond that as a straight, heterosexual, white male Christian, his views are radical and not the Love that my God is all about.

I was not in attendance at today’s meeting. Quite frankly, to listen to the same hate and bigotry ad nauseam that has been allowed to go on at the public speaking portion of the County Commission meeting for the past nine months would have been a total waste of my time. Again, I thank the five of you for your leadership and courage in your vote. The silent majority is behind you!

Joe Adams, Hernando, FL

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