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Florida Supervisors of Elections Stand With Democracy

You may have missed it since the Chronicle didn’t give it any coverage, but last Friday, the Florida Supervisors of Elections (all 67 of them) issued a statement that started with “The Great American Experiment, our cherished democracy, is under threat.” It goes on to say that the “integrity of our democracy has been challenged by misinformation, disinformation, and malformation that sows discord and undermines trust in American’s electoral process”.

They won’t admit it, but this letter is directed at our Republican governor and our Republican legislators. I am unaware of any Democrat that believes that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Instead, after saying the 2020 election was the gold standard of elections for the nation, our governor pushed for laws that would make it more difficult for people to vote.

This voter suppression law is being challenged by the NAACP, Disability Rights Florida, The League of Women Voters, UniosUS, and other organizations that oppose the new law as restraining voting by black and brown people and folks with disabilities.

The Supervisors said that “false claims of voter fraud degrade confidence in our political institutions and discourage participation in our democracy”. The statement also said that the election officials have been threatened by folks who believe these elections lie. They ask Floridians to “tone down the rhetoric and stand up for our democracy”.

As this statement was released, DeSantis was sending out a fundraising letter accusing Democrats of trying every trick in the book to sway the 2020 elections. He continues to be a hotbed of misinformation, disinformation, and malformation.

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