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Have You No Decency or Respect?

I moved here with my young family in 1986 from New Port Richey. I moved here because I had a recent promotion from the former Florida Power and I knew this was a great place to raise my family. Thirty-six years later and after raising two great kids, volunteering in Little League and all their activities I am proud of who they have become. I now have two grandsons living here in Citrus County. Citrus County has changed and I don’t think for the good. We used to be a caring community, but that seems to have changed. Case in point, this week while driving on Hwy. 44 just west of Croft Ave., there were two-yard type signs in the easement of 44. The first sign said “Socialism Ahead” in red and white lettering. The next sign said F*ck Joe Biden in red, white, and blue. The F*ck was spelled out completely. While I respect everyone’s 1st Amendment right to express themselves as granted by our Constitution and the US Supreme Court it doesn’t make it right for you to put up signs containing this type of vulgarity. Several years ago, the Citrus County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) held a candidate forum at the Old Courthouse in Inverness. I was the moderator of that forum and most of the candidates were Republicans. At the beginning of the forum, I announced that we wanted a respectful forum and since the candidates put their whole life out in the public when they file to run for office, the least we could do was to respect each of them and listen to their policy positions. The forum was well received, and the Chronicle’s Editorial Board even wrote a great opinion afterward of that event. I bring that up to ask that we all return to some form of decency. Even though I loathe Donald Trump, I would never print, buy or display a sign that said F*ck Donald Trump. For those who print or buy these types of signs please ask yourself this, would you put up one of those signs on your mother’s property? If you wouldn’t then you need to rethink what you are doing. If your answer is yes, then I will pray for you both.

Joe Adams, State Committeeman

Citrus County DEC

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1 Comment

Harry Booth
Harry Booth
Jan 25, 2022

Great letters above but I wish that more people would write letters that support Pres. Joe Biden. The radical right has a campaign right out of Trumps playbook and are organized and bashing Biden in the Chronicle every day with outlandish distorted lies they get from Fox news. They figure if they repeat enough lies often enough people will believe them. Biden has done a lot of good considering what he has to work with. Come on people, write a letter a week in support of Joe to the Chronicle. He need's our support!

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