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I Endorse Daniels for School Board!

When we choose a doctor, dentist, or any professional for our needs, we research, looking for the best in their field. We want a course of education that qualifies that individual in their field and relevant experience in the field they profess to have a mastery over. There are some fields that do not have transferable skills that will suffice. That is why for many professions there are regulations, certifications and educational requirements necessary so that the public is kept safe. This is especially true for education. We trust those in educational professions with the education and care of our precious children and we demand that they meet qualifications to provide the best educational systems possible.

Deborah Daniels has the required education and experience to qualify for the important role of school board. In addition to her 20 years of teaching school in Citrus County and two degrees, Ms. Daniels has completed required continual education hours and certifications as well as having successfully passed state approved tests. Her administrative experience in CCEA, the teachers union, as a legislative liaison enabled her to work with local administrators, honing her leadership and administrative skills as a site leader at her school. Ms. Daniels was part of the annual bargaining process between the administrators, school board, teacher and paraprofessional concerns. This experience contributed to her knowledge of the educational, administrative and financial aspects involved in successful school programs.

Ms. Daniels has the skills and experience to reach her goals for the position. She will work to raise academic achievement for all students, assure fiscal responsibility and accountability, work to provide a safe environment for successful teaching and learning and support public education. She will work with other school board members to establish and build an improved vision and goals, set standards for performance and represent the community and students. Ms. Daniels will bring fresh ideas and an updated approach to future planning. She will work with the school board to raise the standards to new levels. I am confident that Ms. Daniels will be an asset to the existing school board and that our students will benefit by her participation in guiding the educational process as a future school board member.

Nancy Tomaselli


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