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President Biden's First Year Successes

President Biden’s hugely successful first year, despite GOP obstructionism.

With the latest news that GM is set to invest a historic $7 billion in 4 facilities across Michigan, creating 4,000 jobs, and that Intel is creating a $20 billion silicon chip manufacturing plant in Ohio, creating 10,000 jobs, it's time to review President Biden’s other significant accomplishments in his first year. Below are some highlights:

• 6.4 million jobs created, the most in any year in U.S. history.

• The unemployment rate dropped from 6.3% when President Biden took office to 4.2% today – the biggest single year drop in American history. When the President was sworn in, over 18 million were receiving unemployment benefits. Today, only 2 million are—also the biggest single year drop in history.

• Thanks to President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (ARP), child poverty was cut in half, and GDP has jumped from an estimated 2.9% to 6%.

• 5 million more Americans now have health insurance.

• More than 71% of American adults are fully vaccinated, up from just 1%.

• 99% of schools are open, up from 46%.

• The United States donated and delivered nearly 400 million vaccinations to developing countries – more than every other country in the world.

• President Biden restored our global alliances and ended America’s longest war. For the first time in a generation, Americans are not deployed overseas in an ongoing costly war.

• The bipartisan Infrastructure Law will create good paying jobs, provide clean drinking water, upgrade our roads, airports, and rail, and is a critical first step towards a clean energy future.

• President Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement and reestablished U.S. leadership at the global conference on climate change. He jumpstarted an electric future ‘made in America’, doubling electric vehicle sales in a year. He is deploying more wind and solar energy than ever before, addressing the long-lasting negative effects of legacy pollution and advancing environmental justice in underserved communities, and creating good-paying, union jobs that are making our country stronger and more resilient to the changing climate.

• More of President Biden’s lower-court judicial nominees were confirmed in his first year than any president since Kennedy – and the President appointed more Black women on the Court of Appeals than any President ever.

No President in recent history has accomplished more in his first year of office than has President Biden.

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1 Comment

Harry Booth
Harry Booth
Jan 29, 2022

Bidens first year of successes is a great letter but it needs to be published in the Citrus County Chronicle. We need more support here in Citrus county!

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