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Questionable Tax Plans by Senators Scott & Rubio

Well, this is a good one.

Rick Scott, our Florida Senator, has already measured the windows for new drapes if the Republicans take over the Senate next year. He has a plan. It has 11-points and includes some interesting parts. For example, Scott wants everyone to pay taxes. I am not talking about the rich paying taxes. I mean everyone—even the poorest among us.

Mind you, our Republican senator is not going to ask his millionaire buddies to vote to repeal the massive tax cut for the very rich. Nope. In his mind, the very rich cannot afford to pay taxes, so he is going after the poor and middle-class families, people who don’t make enough money to pay taxes. He plans to raise taxes on as much as half the country. Of course, this plan would hit Florida hard.

If Scott gets his way, half the Social Security beneficiaries across the country would see their taxes increase. That’s millions of retired Floridians on Social Security. In addition, tens of millions of working families across America would be forced to pay more taxes. If Scott installs this punitive plan, our middle-class taxes will increase by $450 on average.

Scott thinks all Americans should pay some income tax to have “skin in the game, even if a small amount.” Currently, over half of Americans are too poor to pay any income tax, but we pay taxes for fuel and other excise taxes. In addition, we all pay for fees charged by the government. So we all have skin in the game, so what is he talking about?

Marco Rubio is our other Federal Senator. He also thinks increasing taxes on the middle class is a good idea. He is not for eliminating the 2017 Trump Tax cut for the rich but is alright with making sure the middle class and poor get taxed. He likes this plan and “supports the tax hike.”

Rubio would go one step further. After the Republicans win the mid-terms, he is all for cutting social security and Medicare in addition to increasing your taxes.

Florida is a Republican state (they think), and Republicans are so sure of their keeping their Senate seats they can turn around and, in their arrogance, tell us, “Elect me, and I will increase your taxes and cut your social security and Medicare. “

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