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Quit Being Selfish, Get Vaccinated!

response, Republican governors are suing him and at the same time blaming him for Economists tell us that for inflation to be reduced or ended, we need to resolve the COVID pandemic. Educators tell us that for children to be safely back in school, we need to solve the COVID crisis. Logistic experts tell us that to resolve the supply chain mess, we need to fix the COVID emergency.

Human Resouces experts tell us that we must untangle the COVID mess before employees return to work.

Hospital nurses and doctors tell us that for hospitals to have open beds for surgeries, heart attacks, and other medical emergencies, we need to end COVID-19.

Before society can return to normal, we need to put the COVID-19 in our back mirror.

Public health officials remind us daily that we all need to get vaccinated to fix these problems and end this pandemic.

Republicans and Democrats continue to hold the President to his promise to end this COVID national nightmare. Still, it continues, as millions of people don't want to be vaccinated, and there is not much President Biden can do about it.

There are lots of reasons people don’t want to be vaccinated. Some think it makes them magnetic or will inject tiny little devices into your body so the government can track you. Some believe that the shots provide no immunity to COVID, or there is no scientific proof of the benefits of the shots. Finally, some don’t want the jab because they feel that it is their right not to be vaccinated, if they don’t want to be. These are silly, stupid, and selfish reasons.

We all need to be vaccinated for our nation to return to normal. Unscientific and non-sensical reasons to avoid being vaccinated should not be accepted. President Biden has done everything he can to get people vaccinated, voluntarily. But, unfortunately, after offering the carrot, he is now going for the stick. He is mandating certain groups to get vaccinated.

In response, Republican governors are suing the President and at the same time blaming him for not solving the COVID pandemic.

People! Stop being selfish, and get vaccinated so we can go about our business safely!


People! Stop being selfish and get vaccinated so we can go about our business safely?

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