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So, Governor, what are you doing?

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed multiple culture laws, passed by the state legislature, under the guise of protecting our children that included subjectively banning books, certain LGBTQ studies, and banning the teaching of critical race theory.

So, how has this helped us to protect our children?

In the Aug. 9 Chronicle article, according to the Anna E. Casey foundation, Florida ranks 35th of 50 states in child well-being. Why does Florida rank 35th in child well-being? What has the governor and legislature done to address this issue?

The foundation's annual Kids Count Data Book report said that Florida ranked 42nd in children's economic well-being, “a measurement that takes into account factors such as children living in poverty and children whose parents lack secure employment.”

Why does Florida rank 42nd in children's economic well-being? What has the governor done to address this issue?

An Aug. 10 article in the Chronicle reports that according to the Department of Education “Florida is third in the nation for numbers of reported cases of human trafficking, and the average age of trafficked youth is 11-13 years old.” Nearly 20 percent of trafficking involves minors. Citrus County is leading in addressing this problems through a grant.

Consider that there is a law against trafficking, why is Florida third in the nation for trafficking with 20 percent involving minors? Why hasn't the governor and legislature stopped this?

More than 22.7% of children in Florida live in food insecure homes. Florida is ranked eighth in the nation for child food insecurity. In 2021, Gov. DeSantis was the only governor to refuse federal food aid for low income homes. He accepted it the previous year when Trump instituted the program, but refused it when Biden was president.

Why is Florida ranked eighth in child food insecurity and knowing this why would Gov. DeSantis refuse federal aid to feed hungry children.

Central Florida owes $2.3 billion in child support payments. This long standing failure contributes to food insecurity and hunger in Florida's children.

What has Gov. DeSantis and the legislature done to address this? He created a program to give $100 million dollars to assist non-supporting fathers. It would have been better spent if it was used to feed their hungry children.

Why has Gov. DeSantis focused on non-existent cultural issues and failed to improve life and death issues of hunger, food insecurity, economic well-being and sex trafficking in children?

Nancy Tomaselli


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