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SOE Office Conducts Fair & Free Elections

In Citrus County our elections have been professionally run and voter lists expertly and transparently maintained, with the highest level of integrity over the past 24 years. First under the watchful eye of Supervisor of Elections Susan Gill who was initially elected in 1996 and more recently under Maureen (Mo) Baird.

Although Mo was only recently elected to the position of Supervisor in 2020, she had been a full-time employee of the SOE office since 1985. Mo served many years as the trusted Operations Manager under Ms. Gill, who gained a national reputation for professionalism as a proficient election supervisor.

Since she assumed the position of supervisor Mo has brought a lot of energy to the job as only someone with extensive insight into the operations of elections in Citrus County can deliver. In addition to the ordinary duties of managing the office and all of our elections Mo has been making many presentations to aspiring new voters in our local high schools and organizing open registration events in Citrus County parks and libraries.

The undersigned, elected officers of the Citrus County Democratic Executive (DEC) Committee, take a high level of comfort knowing that the tasks of registering voters, maintaining the voter lists and managing fair and transparent elections are performed by a trained and dedicated staff at the Citrus SOE. We thank Mo and her staff for all they do, especially keeping our elections fair and safe. These dedicated public servants are the true patriots of our democracy.

As such, it was sad reading the letter from Frank D. Lovell published in last Thursday’s (Jan. 27th) Chronicle wherein Mr. Lovell attempted to discredit not only Ms. Baird’s performance but all 67 supervisors who manage the county election offices throughout Florida for their work at list maintenance. As is usual with this type of accusation, that seems to have become a popular ploy, there is a suggestion of problems but no specifics provided. Most likely because there are none.

Please remember to register, vote in every election and that if you have any questions regarding your vote or upcoming elections you can contact the Citrus SOE where you will find a knowledgeable and trustworthy source, dedicated to fair elections.

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