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Sound Bites Without Facts!

It is time to call out Bill Claustre. His letters are sound bites without fact. They are half-truths, lies, and just plain nonsense. They consist of topics held together by his radical views about Democrats and the Biden administration. Most of his letters are drivel and full of baloney. His latest letter on the President's handling of the Russian attack on Ukraine belongs in the barnyard with the rest of the manure.

Claustre argues that America is weak, Putin doesn’t take America seriously, and it’s Biden’s fault. He says we are no longer a leader on the world stage. Furthermore, Putin took advantage of our weak President and invaded Ukraine.

Claustre is correct if he were describing America under Trump. The world did not trust us. They thought Trump a joke and wondered if America would support its commitments.

Trump did not have the respect of any of the world’s leaders. For example, there is a video of Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, and Emmanuel Macron standing at a G7 meeting making fun of the American President. Trump and not Biden.

When asked about Russian interference in the American elections, Trump said he asked his buddy Putin and Putin assured him Russia did not interfere. When asked what Putin said when Trump asked him about the bounty on American soldiers’ heads, Trump said Putin said there is no bounty. When asked about the cyber-attacks, Putin said “no, not us,” and Trump believed him.

Trump destroyed the records of his meeting with Putin. When the press asked what was said, Trump said it was none of their business. Putin did not have to invade Ukraine under Trump. In a second term, Russia would have been given Ukraine by Trump.

We did not spend millions of dollars preventing Putin from going into Ukraine. Instead, we spent millions arming Ukraine in anticipation of the invasion. Something Trump wouldn’t do until he had dirt on Biden’s son. What did Biden accomplish since he did not prevent the attack? Biden brought together NATO and EU in presenting a united front against Russia. NATO, the organization that Trump wanted to disband. Biden was a critical partner in establishing real sanctions with real teeth against Russia.

Claustre, it would be nice if you joined the rest of the world and congratulated Biden on doing a good job.

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