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Suddenly, I am affected!

Several writers have sent “Letters to the Editor” outlining how COVID-19 only affects the person who has COVID-19, and we should not shame and call selfish those who don’t want to be vaccinated. But, let me tell you first hand, COVID-19 impacts us all.

A week ago, I was cooking dinner. Suddenly, my blood pressure dropped, and I passed out. My wife arrived home to find me on the floor. After a few days of home care, we decided to go to Citrus Hospital’s Emergency Room.

We arrived at 1030 am, registered, and waited to be triaged. Triaged was efficient, and within an hour of my arrival, the hospital had a plan for my recovery. During the next hour, the hospital worked their plan. They x-rayed every bone in my body, gave me an MRI, a host of blood tests, and an EKG. I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the hospital and its staff.

By 1230, my tests were completed, and we waited. And waited. And waited.

By 5 pm, we still had not seen anyone, and while that was exasperating, I understood why we waited. Hospitals triage everyone who comes into the emergency room, and my messed up leg and ankle were too far from my heart to kill me, so they took patients who had life-threatening conditions before me.

At 5 pm, we left. I didn’t leave angry that I wasn’t seen. Instead, I left amazed that these people working at our little hospital could show such patience, concern, and care, day after day after day. I was surprised at the army of diagnostic equipment they used to treat my broken leg. I was astounded not to hear one angry voice from staff or patients.

The next day I came back, and they zipped me through the process and discharged me. Again the ER was filled to the brim with sick and hurt people. I asked the staff how they kept going. Both said they couldn’t anymore. They both have had it with hospital health care. Why I wondered? COVID-19 was their answer. Although things are much better now, people are still arriving at the ER unvaccinated and COVID-19 positive. They are creating an unnecessary strain on our hospital, the staff, and other patients.

Governor DeSantis, you're mistaken! Getting COVID-19 impacts my family, and it is selfish and self-centered not to be vaccinated.

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