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Thanks for the Coverage

On behalf of dual-purpose demonstrators showing up Saturday, June 12, at the Inverness Courthouse, thank you very much for covering Pride and End Gun Violence Now issues with two photos on Sunday.

Each time, in the past few years taking it to the streets protests, I saw no coverage by Chronicle reporters. As an older person participating in several such Courthouse events with great enthusiasm, my spirit soars, understanding increases, and shared stories bind me to many other activists there to promote our respective positions.

Whether wearing Orange for Common Sense Gun Laws, Now!, or purple waving rainbow flags for equality, our presence mattered Saturday.

With peaceful intentions to show passers-by that our precious democracy is alive and well in Citrus County, demonstrating publically gives us an outlet for our frustrations. From bad public policies promulgated by a Florida legislature majority or a stuck-in-gear U.S. Congress, communities are thoroughly disgusted.

Linda Sue Varonich

Citrus Hills

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