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We're Wasting Time on Non-Issues

My kids live in Indiana, Utah and Illinois. They went to schools in Minnesota, and then two went to law school (Illinois) while the other went to get his Business Master’s Degree (Denver). My seven grandchildren go to public schools.

While I am proud of my kids, this is not to brag about their accomplishments but to note that none of my kids, their wives, or children have even been exposed to Critical Race Theory. In addition, they have not been exposed to inappropriate sex education in kindergarten to third grades. Is Florida so different?

Family members call me wondering what is in Florida’s water that has driven our governor and Republican legislature to pass laws fixing problems that don’t exist? If schools don’t talk about CRT, why are we passing laws against it? If our youngest students aren't exposed to inappropriate sex education, why the ban on talking about things we don’t talk about?

The state of Florida and our governor are a national joke. Just listen to any late-night TV show.

For 50 years, Disney has been a good neighbor. Millions of people visit Florida annually to visit our amusement parks, driven by Disney World. The Reedy Creek Improvement District has allowed Disney to grow safely and efficiently as partners with the county governments. The district is responsible for providing essential public services (e.g., fire protection, emergency medical services, potable water production, treatment, storage, pumping and distribution, chilled and hot water systems, wastewater services, drainage, and flood control, electric power generation and distribution, and solid waste and recyclables collection and disposal). It also regulates and operates and maintains all public roadways and bridges.

When the Florida legislature passed a useless bill (“Don’t Say Gay”) defending public school children from something not happening, Disney spoke against it. In a fit of canceled culture, our radical Republican governor immediately stepped in and vowed to cancel the law used to establish the district. Unfortunately, like the unnecessary voter police, his knee-jerk reaction is more about his election to the presidency than protecting our children.

Our Florida legislature has essential work to do. We need to fix our insurance problems, ocean rise, red tide, infrastructure and drug-related crime.

Instead, they are spending money and time on non-existent issues.

Thomas Mitchell


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