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Where's My Free Flight?

As a Floridian who has been paying taxes to this state for more than 60 years, I want to know why Gov. Ron DeSantis is favoring people and paying their flights to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. I think he should be fair and offer the same trip amenities to the rest of us who want to visit this fine destination.

I’ve seen how nicely the residents of Martha’s Vineyard are treating the folks Gov. DeSantis put on those taxpayer-funded planes. Since most of them have recently fled the tyranny and starvation of Maduro’s Venezuela, it’s nice that someone is treating these human beings with dignity and respect as they await rulings on requests for asylum, which is something that is completely legal and appropriate in this melting pot of a nation.

So, Gov. DeSantis, when is the best time of the year to schedule my taxpayer funded vacation? Who do I contact to arrange my charter flight? Here’s another question: while DeSantis is so busy with his little stunts to grab media attention (this one purportedly cost Florida taxpayers $12 million) and with his upcoming 2024 presidential run, what is he doing to help Floridians?

We’ve got lots of problems here – a property insurance crisis, dangerously high teacher shortages, inability of people to find affordable housing – I could go on.

What we don’t have, despite his posturing on the issue, is a so-called “border crisis.” We will remember this cruel, heartless stunt in November and vote accordingly.

Betty Honkonen


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