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Deb Daniels: Experience Counts in School Board Election

As the 2022-2023 school year begins, educators around the state are grappling with new standards, new and confusing legislation, teacher and support staff shortages, and vocal minorities who are putting even more pressure on these dedicated, hard-working professionals.

We need a school board composed of leaders who understand the challenges and stand for our public school administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff – and our students.

Fortunately, we’ve got Deborah Daniels – the best choice for School Board, District 5.

Deb spent 20 years as a Citrus County classroom teacher and only recently retired. That is a huge advantage, as she knows from her own recent experience what teachers and students need to be successful in the classroom. She knows how to meet state educational standards because she’s done it, so as a school board member she will be uniquely qualified to interpret new standards and regulations to make sure our teachers get the support they need so that our students get the quality education they deserve.

Since her retirement, Deb has stayed abreast of issues affecting our school district and state and national education trends. She regularly attends School Board meetings and is always available to share her knowledge of the issues with the community.

Deb Daniels was a leader as a teacher. We need that perspective on the Citrus County School Board.

The Primary Election day is Tuesday, Aug. 23, and that is when the School Board races will be decided. Whether you vote by mail, through early voting or on Aug. 23, vote for Deborah Daniels for School Board, District 5.

John Comer


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